27 May White Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

You may remember a few months ago I talked about some kitchen inspiration and updating that we are doing in our kitchen? You can read about it HERE if you need a refresh… Well Operation: “Lets get this Kitchen looking Pretty” is well on its way! We got the countertops installed last week and we are waiting on a few things for the tiling.

Right now I am on the “What paint color to use for the cabinets stage” It’s a fun and confusing stage to be in. I thought I would love to share my Top White paint colors that I’ve narrowed it down to just in case any of you are thinking of doing the same thing to your kitchen.


Top Favorite White Paint Colors for Cabinets are:

Benjamin Moore

Simply White
Cloud White
Decorators White
Super White
White Dove

Home Decorators
(New paint line at Home Depot)

Whisper White
Nano White

When you line up all these colors they look completely different, some have more pure white undertones and some have a cream undertone. You have to keep in mind the colors and tones of your countertops, tiles and hardware. The best thing is to take your time get a few sample paint pots and try all the different colors out before you commit.


We are going to go with a local company that repaints cabinetry WOODSTOCK, they are located in Orem, Utah. The time and effort that it will take to repaint our cabinets is something we don’t have at the moment.

So we are choosing to go with a professional to do it. But if you are thinking of painting your cabinets and would like to go at it yourselves I found a really great new product from Benjamin Moore that is the best for cabinet repainting. It is called Benjamin Moore Advance



Wish me luck and Please I would love to hear some good tried and True White Paint colors that you love!

LOVE -Kaylee

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