29 Apr Top 5 Drug Store Beauty Products

Every change of the season I like to play around with make-up, especially try out some new products that have just been freshly released. Today I wanted to share with you my Top 5 Drug Store beauty products for this Spring and Summer. I am definitely a girl that loves to go into Sephora and try out and explore their new lines but I thought a list of Drug Store Beauty products would be a good idea because it doesn’t take much to give these items a try and it won’t break the bank. You can also pick these items up while you’re doing your weekly shopping.

I am loving the look of the new Trends for 2015. Make-up is going very natural, like you’re hardly wearing any… but we all know to get this natural look not unless you have perfect everything still needs a little make-up. This can be us as women’s secret. Foundations are going very clean and fresh. You will see more neutral color eye shadows, more nude color lips and peach tones for cheeks.

I have been doing my make-up more with natural shades and have been loving it. Lets get started on this Top 5 Drug Store Beauty Products.


Ok, This is a miracle product! Sally Hansen has just come out with this product called Miracle Gel. It’s basically gel nails and claims to stay on and not chip for two weeks. It doesn’t even need the gel UV curing lights. You just choose your color from their Miracle Gel nail polish line and then put your top coat which is the black bottle in the middle. Then your done!

I bought this product a few weeks ago and wanted to try it out before I blogged about it and I think it’s pretty comparable to the normal gel nail process maybe just a little faster. I did have some chipping at the base of my nail but definably a lot better then normal nail polish. So maybe it’s a great in-between of regular nail polish and salon Shellac nails. Remove easily with pure Acetone nail polish remover.

Bottles are $6.50 But of course short cuts aren’t always exactly the same thing. Meghan is the queen of Gel nails. Meghan shared a tutorial on how she does salon Gel nails from home. You can read that post HERE!


Next I have a pretty pinky shade of NYX Butter lip stick Cotton Candy and I paired it with a NYX Lip liner Rose. This duo reminds me of a soft baby doll look. Where you have minimal make up but with your pink lip. Let’s face it we can’t be expected to wear nude lipstick all summer, so here is a bit of color for you! I picked these up at Ulta lip stick $5 Lip Liner $4


Since we are talking lips I want to share my all time favorite drug store lipstick that I have been using forever. I recommend it so highly because it literally stays on all day! Actually I’m known to go to bed with this color still on from the morning. The best part is it’s only $2.99. The product is Jordana Twist and Shine “Sweet Pink” and I picked mine up at Walgreens. They have many colors and they are all great but this shade is the one I found stays on the longest and looks good with every complexion.


Next on the list is this mascara! For years I have been using the Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara that retails over $20. I honestly was getting tired of spending the money on a mascara but a girl needs lashes and it worked so well. What was I to do?! My mother recommended the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I was a little skeptical because after all it was a drug store product and almost every drug store mascara never worked for me. So my mother saw my hesitations and she bought it for me to try. I have absolutely loved it and I don’t think I will go back to spending over $20 again for mascara. Besides my belief is the difference is all in the wand. The Buxom and Lash Sensational have a very similar wand and I feel like they perform about the same. Maybelline $6.50


Last but certainly not least, the PMD has changed my life I have been using it weekly ever since I bought one in December. At the time my skin was getting out of control, at times I even felt like my skin was worse then it was as a teenager. I think there was always a blemish that I had to cover or conceal, even hide at times. After using this product for a few weeks I could see considerable change in my skin. It looked so smooth and not one blemish in sight. It’s carried on that way for almost six months now. My husband even says my skin has this glow to it even without my make-up. I just turned thirty this past summer and was a little concerned about what routine I was going to have for my skin. The Personal Microderm is the best thing and I’m so happy that I tried it! HERE is a link to read more about it. They often have coupon codes online! $159-$199


I hope you have found something that you would love to try and add to your new Spring and Summer look! Enjoy Today! Love-Kaylee

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