25 Mar “The Earth Laughs In Flowers”

“The earth laughs in flowers” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s that time of year again when all the pink and white blossom trees are in full bloom. I think my favorite thing to see in whole world are streets that are lined with pink fluffy blossom trees, with petals softly floating in the breeze. I’m pretty sure I would buy a home on a street such as this, just so I could have this dream a few weeks out of the year… I really would! OK, now lets bring this back to reality and inside to enjoy…

Here are some easy ways to style blossom branches in your home. All you need are cutting shears and a vase.

Blossom branches are so easy to arrange a large sculptural arrangement. In this picture they have a light and bright neutral white room with the pink blossom branches as the main star. Beautiful for a guestroom if you have visitors coming for Spring Break this year.


The tall branches with minimal blossoms look so grand on a long dinning room table. It adds to the rustic style of the dining room. Did you know that blossom branches can stay fresh up for a few weeks in a vase because it has a water source, it thinks its still on the tree.


Here it shows that you don’t even have to use such a large vase if you don’t have one. You can obtain this look with just about any vase you already have.


The picture below is of my dining room and some blossom branches I found at the local park. I thought they looked like mini hydrangeas and were so pretty on my table. So look around your surroundings and see what your gardens have to offer, you may be surprised.


I wanted to share with you this next photo because of the simple look of just using a few sprigs of branches in smaller vases. You can scatter these around your home in every room so easily. I’m thinking of doing a vase like this and putting it in my daughter Alliya’s room today as a little surprise for her. I think she would feel so loved and special.


These last two are of my Easter tree on my table. Yes, I know these are faux branches. (don’t look to closely) But if you’re so lucky to get your hands on some fresh forsythia which is in full bloom right now you can also do an Easter tree. In Germany where I grew up its custom do have fresh forsythis branches with small Easter ornaments. I have been doing it every year for my children. After all traditions are what makes holidays, right?!


I actually found these eggs at the Dollar Tree last year. But I have also seen similar ornaments at local craft stores or you can get creative with your little ones and whip up some of your own.


Thank you so very much for reading, you’re all so wonderful and I have enjoyed meeting and chatting with so many of you recently. -Kaylee xo

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