16 Jan The BEST Dinner Party Game

Every year Devin and I throw a Valentine’s Party for all his high school friends and their spouses. They are the funnest group of people you have ever met and have all been friends since they were little! You’re guaranteed to have a good time when this lively bunch gets together! I enjoy getting to spend time with my husband and our other adult friends and it’s a fun tradition we’ve now done for about 9 years! Over the next couple weeks, I thought I’d share a few fun things we’ve done over the years that might help you want to throw a Valentine’s Party with your friends too!

First up: the best and funniest game you can play during dinner!

Back in High School, my friends and I came up with a similar version of this game that we did during dinner for a dance. You know that awkward moment when you’re all eating dinner with your dates, trying to use your best manners AND have a good conversation??!! (your moms voice is in the back of your head saying “don’t talk with a mouth full of food, no elbows on the table, don’t stuff your mouth with food…”) We decided to put different roles under each plate and have everyone act them out during dinner. That way it lightens the mood and also helps with the conversation and makes for a good laugh. I don’t even remember what things we wrote down exactly, but now fast forward 10 years later and I had a flash back of playing that game and decided to come up with my own version and try it out at our Valentine’s dinner with our friends. I remember literally laughing out loud while I typed on the computer, envisioning each person playing their part!

Once we actually played the game It. Was. Hillarious. I of course was laughing hysterically knowing exactly what everyone’s roles were and watching what was going on. It definitely made dinner lively and full of things to talk about. It probably helped also that everyone knew each other and was comfortable acting a little crazy. šŸ™‚

Here is how the game works! You print out this list of “roles”, cut them up, and put one under each plate. I choseĀ to do assigned seating that way I knew I could give a really funny role to someone who would play it up and not be embarrassedĀ and a more subtleĀ role to someone who was more shy. You could easily do it random also. When everyone arrives, have them look under their plate and tell them NOT to tell anyone what their paper said. Once you’ve read your paper, you can start acting your part. By the time everyone gets there, everyone should have their assignment and we usually got started onĀ dinner. I’d recommend printing these on white card stock and sending them to your local copy store for the best quality!

Here is a sampleĀ of the different roles:
(these are based around Valentine’s, but you could make your own and alter them for other parties)

Whenever someone sings something at dinner, answer them while singing as well. (ie: If someone sings “Please pass the salt” then it’s your job to answer them back by singing “Here it is.” Act as if you are both in a Valentine Musical. *If you don’t hear anyone sing, then feel free to sing instead of talking anytime.

Tonight you’re the current events guru. Bring up anything you’ve heard on the news and inform everyone on what’s going on in the world. Ask dumb questions like, “hey you guys, did you know that gas prices have dropped?” very seriously.

Does PDA ring a bell? Tonight you are Mrs. PDA herself. It’s your job to hold hands, hug, and just show your love to your spouse so everyone feels kind of uncomfortable.

Use the phrase “That’s what she said” as much as possible throughout dinner.

Tonight you are the official CUPID. It is your job to make sure LOVE IS IN THE AIR. Make sure you are shooting arrows at people. Oh, and don’t forget…Cupid has wings!!

It’s time to party like it’s 1999! Anytime you get up from the table or move around, get your boogie on. We need to see all your dance moves. The room is your dance floor.

The fun part is that some of the roles will actually egg on another person. For example 1 role will say:
Manners….what’s that? Tonight, throw all your proper manners out the window. Put your elbows on the table, talk with food in your mouth, reach over people…enjoy a night with no manners.

AND then another role will say:
Tonight you are the Manners Patrolman. Make sure that everyone puts their napkins on their laps, doesn’t put their elbows on the table, and doesn’t talk with their mouth full. Make sure you regulate and let them know you’re in charge.

Oh my goodness! It is so fun! Then at the end of dinner we all went around the table and guessed what role each person was playing. Some were more obvious than others, but once each person told what they were doing it all made sense!

You can get the complete list here. There is enough for 24 people. You can also do 2 of each role if you have a really big group!


There’s plenty of time to pick a date, plan your menu, invite some friends over and enjoy a wonderful evening with those you love!

xoxo Jen


  • Mona Poe
    Posted at 17:03h, 20 September Reply

    This is GREAT!! I can’t wait to try it at a party, going to be lots of laughs!

    • Jen Bird
      Posted at 16:47h, 21 September Reply

      Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!! šŸ™‚

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