01 Jun Summer: Earning Screen Time

Happy Summer!!  We are on day 1 today and so far so good! 😉  It had better be though, right??  Only 11+ weeks to go!

I spent the weekend trying to come up with a plan for my kids to make sure that although a lot of fun is had (I’m really excited for all our plans)… also, we make sure to get all the chores done and keep up on our reading, etc.  So, here’s my plan!

I created a new chore chart for my kids.  I may share that on a later post… but it’s basically got the days of the week listed and the chores they are responsible for on those days.  If they complete this each day, they earn 30 minutes of screen time.  I also have a list of other activities that, if they do these, they can also earn some screen time… such as:  1 hour of reading, 1 hour of physical activity, 1 hour of doing something creative, additional chores, etc.  Each of these give them 30 minutes of screen time – the additional chore can vary because it depends on what it is – small or large.  This is why I created some varying amounts of screen time tokens (see below).

I will be keeping their screen time tokens in an envelope next to their chore chart and handing them out to them when they are earned.  I will not help them keep track of these… they can save them up or redeem them one at a time.  But they are responsible for them.  I’ve printed these on card stock and laminated them for durability.  Each amount is a different color to help the younger kids know which is “worth more”.

Here are the free printable tokens I made, available for download:

Screen Time Tokens 15wm
Screen Time Tokens 30 wm
Screen Time Tokens 60 wm

So far today, they seem very motivated to work for these and I’m also trying to eliminate their need for a lot of screen time or they are “bored”.  I feel like kids now don’t know how to stay busy like we did as kids without technology.  So, I’m hoping to change the way their little minds work and just take that off the table for a bit as the #1 choice when looking for how to fill their “free time”.  Honestly, my goal is to get them so interested in doing something else to earn screen time that they forget they are doing it to earn that screen time… clear as mud?  😉

Wish me luck!  Try it and tell me how it works for you!


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