01 Apr Simple and Sweet Easter Garland Tutorial

Since you’re all gathering everything together in time for Easter this weekend. Here is a simple mini Easter Garland that I would like to show you and yes you have enough time because it will only take a few minutes. I found a box of wooden Easter ornament carrots and decided to turn them into a garland. You could replace the carrots and use any wooden Easter ornaments if you like. There are many ornate and unique Easter ornaments out there that will work perfectly.

All you will need is:

– Wooden Ornaments
– 4-5 feet of twine
– Glue
– Glue Gun



Since I’m not going to use them as usual ornaments. I cut off the loops off the carrots. Then I started gluing them on to the twin, I spaced them out about every few inches. Not to close together and not to far apart. Appx. every 3 inches.


There you have it, a simple and sweet Easter garland. This quick project reminds me that you can use ordinary things in different way then they are intended.



I hope everyone enjoys this Easter Weekend surrounded by everyone that you love! Happy Easter! Stay Creative! Love- Kaylee

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