12 Jun Raspberry Fresca

Are you looking for a refreshing summer drink to serve at your next bbq? When my friend shared this drink with me many years ago, I was surprised when she told me it only required 3 simple ingredients! It looked way too pretty and tasted way too good to be that simple! Now it tends to be my go to drink and I usually try to have all 3 ingredients on hand just incase I need it! Here are the ingredients you need!


Pour the frozen white grape juice in a large pitcher, then slowly add all of the fresca! You’ll want to stir it slowly so you make sure it doesn’t explode over the top! Add as many frozen raspberries as you’d like! They add flavor to the drink, but also look really pretty in any glass container! The longer they sit in the drink, the darker and more flavored the drink becomes! The drink will be cold from all the frozen things added to it, but if you’ll be serving it in dispenser you might want to add some pebble ice as well! That will make it look really pretty too!┬áNote, there are a lot of flavored frozen white grape juices that would be fun to try as well! While at the store I saw white grape peach juice and white grape raspberry juice! I would imagine those would taste amazing as well!


With Kaylee’s strawberry trifle recipe and this Raspberry Fresca you’ll be on your way to having a delicious bbq this summer!

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