Pretty Lil’ Moss Bow Wreath tutorial

20 May Pretty Lil’ Moss Bow Wreath tutorial

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share probably one of the most easiest tutorials ever! This idea sparked because of last weeks post about planting my moss flower baskets on my patio. (click for link) I had some left over moss and I really didn’t want it to go to waste. I also had a bare twig wreath that I wasn’t quite happy with. It just looked to blah to me especially  to be on my front door. One thing lead to the next and during my planting of the flower baskets this idea dawned on me!

I also realized that it look like a Kate Spade inspired wreath. I am a Kate Spade lover if there ever was one. So here it is my Kate Spade inspired, Pretty Lil’ Moss Bow Wreath tutorial.


Needed Items:

Twiggy Wreath of any kind
Small Moss Sheet (any craft store)
Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Paper for a pattern (not pictured)


Fold your white paper in half, cut the size of bow loop that you would like… then fold the other way to make sure the patterns are even and appx. the same length on either side, because the moss sheet is so liberal for allowing mistakes in the shape that you don’t have to have it perfect.  Great News!


Next, lay your pattern on the moss sheet and cut around. You may ruffle the edge of the moss after the cut so it wont have that perfectly cut edge, more of a softened edge is perfect for this project just to add to the mossy look.


After you have all you pieces it’s now time to shape your bow. Also leave some of the moss sheet so you can cut the center piece.


Lay our your cuts so you can visualize the shape and size. If it’s to big this is the time to trim.


In order to start shaping the bow you must glue the seams together. I put my glue right on the edge of the shapes and stuck them together. I also cut my center piece so it’s ready for when the time comes to finish the bow.


We are almost done, here I pinched and pleated the center of the bow until it took the shape that I wanted. After everything is nicely glued you can poof up the bow loops. This makes it appear not flat but a beautiful bouncing bow.


Ta-Da, Bow is gorgeously complete!! Good Job… now we will just place and glue. Since it is moss and not a flat surface I put tons of glue on the back and glued it onto all the twigs that were behind it for support. In my case it will be outside in the elements. The nature of moss makes it totally fine to be in the rain and getting wet. Just be ready to add some glue when needed!




I love to encourage having fun with outdoor spaces. Put your personality and style into your garden and outdoor design. Thanks for reading! LOVE-Kaylee xo


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