25 May Planning for Summer

Happy Memorial Day!
We very much appreciate all those that fought and died for our freedom.  It’s a debt that can never be repaid, but we’re grateful to have a day set aside to remember them and all they sacrificed for us.  We hope everyone is keeping that in mind as they enjoy their three day weekend with their friends and family. <3

So… Summer is coming… and fast!

This is the last week of school for us so I’ve got summer on my mind!  When my kids were younger, I used to stress out the last couple of weeks of the school year trying to figure out how to keep all my little ones busy all summer long without the natural schedule that the school year provides.  Last summer it was less stress and more excitement and looking forward to getting to do fun things with them all home now that they are not babies anymore.  I like the freedom that summer gives in some ways, but I also know that I need a schedule or I get nothing done and my kids really do much better with something set in place as well.  A flexible schedule is the key!

So this is what I do when planning for summer:

1.  Summer Activity List –  I have my kids each make a list of some fun things they would really like to do this summer.  It ranges from camping to going to get snocones.  I kind of leave the door wide open and just see what I get from them but remind them that big trips are not a part of this list.

2.  Research Local Activities – I love to look up different festivals, carnivals, rodeos, theater performances, and other local activities to plan to participate in.  For years I’ve wanted to attend a local Annual Lavender Day at Young Living Lavender Farm here in Utah but I always seemed to miss it because I didn’t have it down on my calendar.  This summer I’m putting it down!

3.  Movies – Check with your local movie theaters to see if they do a summer movies program for the kids.  There are a couple theaters around here that do $1 movies in the summer at certain times.  It’s not new movies, but older ones that the kids usually love.  If it’s one we haven’t seen in a while we’ll plan to go.  It’s kind of a fun break from the hot summer sun or a great place to spend some time if there’s a summer storm.

4.  City Library – We always set aside one day a week to check out books at our city library.  The kids really look forward to it and it keeps them interested in reading for the summer months with new material all the time.  Most libraries will also have a summer reading program that is fun for the kids as well.

5.  Water Fun – We like to switch up our water fun (and there tends to be a lot of that for us!) during the summer.  We have a pass to a local pool that we go to the majority of the time because it’s already paid for, but we also plan times to play at different splash pads in the area, maybe a water park thrown in there, and even float down a river or plan a lake day here and there.  The kids like the change and it keeps things interesting.

6.  Sports –  I like to keep my kids involved in some sports over the summer too.  It keeps us sticking to a schedule a little bit and the kids enjoy the physical activity.  Swim lessons is another good thing to look to do – especially at the beginning of the summer so the pools are a little more fun and stress free for everyone after brushing up on their swimming skills.

So once we have a list of activities and dates of things we want to attend, I print out calendars for June, July, and August.  I use CalendarCraze.com – it’s free and you can choose from a couple of different looks!  We put down the things that have set dates on the calendar first.  Then we go in and plan certain days for library, decide which movies we want to be sure to see, etc.  We keep our list of fun summer activities that the kids came up with close by to pick from when we have a day without anything planned.  The kids love to be able to see what is planned and can look forward to things.  Usually on Sunday we’ll plan our summer activities in more detail for that week, but know that we are flexible in case we get a fun invitation from friends to do something else!

Did I leave out anything you love to include in your summer planning?  Please share in the comments – I love to collect new ideas!  Happy Planning!


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