24 Nov Memorable Christmas Cards + a GIVEAWAY!!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are the hundreds of Christmas cards that we send and receive each year! I love to see how families have grown and all the gorgeous pictures. My kids enjoy getting the mail since personal mail in the mailbox is so rare these days.

Here’s my simple way of displaying all of our Christmas cards from last year:
christmas card display
(Handy scotch tape and my closet door in our entryway of our home.)
It’s always the last of the “Christmas decor” to be taken down. I save some of my favorites though whether it’s for ideas or just to keep.

What kind of Christmas cards catch your eye and stick with you? I love the gorgeously perfect family photos, but if I’m being really honest? It’s the ones that are real life that keep me laughing and I remember years later.

Here are a few samples:

My sister’s kids. It was a rough go at getting a happy photo of all 4 of them. It was cold, they were grumpy, so we went with it. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! 😉 I think it turned out pretty perfect!
Henderson Christmas 2008 sm

I shared this photo back in 2011 on Facebook of my family trying to decorate for Christmas and everyone told us we should use it for our Christmas card.
Christmas card idea 2010
Well, if Cohen wasn’t missing from it, I totally would have! Steve was holding Kelan (15 months) by the leg because he wouldn’t stop trying to climb the ladder. It was real life at the moment for my house after having 4 kids in 5 years… Cohen was just 2 at the time, so he was probably somewhere else in the house wreaking havoc of his own. 😉

This was the following year at my house and we did use it for the card that year!
Christmas card 2012 sm
Kelan, now 2, was not interested in getting a photo with his siblings. He would stomp and move away from them every single time and they started to think it was funny. Their laughter made him madder and this shot was the result! Thankfully we managed a decent family photo that was included on the back of this little gem.

This one isn’t funny, but just creative! It’s not one of those super posed shots, but a cute candid of Jen’s family spelling L-O-V-E with their hands. It’s simplicity is what made it one of my favorites that year!
If it wouldn’t spoil Jen’s card this year, I would include hers that she has planned because it’s super cute and creative! I can’t wait to get one. 🙂

And now for the important part! The GIVEAWAY!
I am giving away a custom designed Christmas card for the winner! I’ll design it to your specifications and you get the digital file to print wherever your heart desires. You can see some samples of my Christmas Cards that I’ve made on my Etsy.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:
1- Make sure you like us on Facebook. (www.facebook.com/its3thirty)
2- Comment on our Giveaway post on Facebook and tag 3 friends that would want to enter this giveaway too.
3- Share the Giveaway Post on Facebook.
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5- Repost about the Giveaway on Instagram (tagging @itsthreethirty so we know!)

Each one counts as an entry, so the more you do the better your chances of winning!
Giveaway ends on Saturday, November 29th at midnight!
The winner will be announced next Monday – December 1st at 3:30pm!
Good Luck!

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