08 Oct Kitchen Inspiration 101

We have started the brainstorming process of a quick and painless kitchen re-do. I hope it will go smoothly! Here is a bit of what we have in mind. Think pink and white all over, but mostly white. I also thought like you, that I would of grown out of my pink stage by now. I have a feeling that one day I’ll probably be that grandma with the pink house. Below I have gathered a few of the kitchen designs I’ve seen around lately. So imagine a kitchen with a bit of all these combined.


Don’t you love the open shelving and how unnecessary kitchen cabinets can be. However on the other hand, a few cabinets is probably wise because lets face it we all need the storage.

I do love the look of ghost chairs at the kitchen table especially if you have a smaller dining area the clear lucite acrylic creates the illusion of a chair but not a chair. (You know what I mean) You can pick up some HERE


You HGTV Design Star lover’s know Emily Henderson very well, this last issue of Domino Magazine which had a feature on her mid Century Modern California Home. Which you can find HERE

Look at those pendant lights in the gold and whoever thought about doing a bit of art above the cabinets. But my favorite part is very subtle, the gold in lays in the tile. I was on a trip to Ellis Island recently and took note of all the gold inlay details in the flooring. It’s different and I like it.




Above the Windsor Smith Raid fabric always is a crowd pleaser with its simple geometric design. I actually have this fabric in a few color ways waiting to be used somewhere.

All over white with the bold jewel tone pillows are always a good idea.


calcutta gold

One thing I know for sure is I want Calcutta marble counters. I love it paired with gold metallic accents. I also understand that who’s who in the design world has a kitchen like this. But that is alright. The one trick I have for getting this look affordably is to use a brand new product that is starting to make it’s way into the counter top choices of every remodel… DRUMROLL…




Calcutta Marble Laminate Counter top by Wilsons Art! I have seen it in person and it looks so good. Sometimes (like in our case) I don’t really want to spend a fortune on real marble counters. I love how this stuff fools everyone who sees it! Home Depot and other retailers who carry Wilson’s Art HERE



Lastly another for sure that you will see in our kitchen are clear glass knobs on our white cabinets. You know to look like diamonds as handles!  Let’s get this kitchen built already and I can’t wait to show you.   Love -Kaylee

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