02 Jan Kid Chore Punch Cards

I’m already feeling like this year is going to be the best one yet!

I love setting goals this time of year and thinking about becoming a better person! My goals vary from year to year, but one that tends to linger around is GETTING/KEEPING/MAINTAINING MY HOUSE IN ORDER! It is obviously a resolution I have yet to master! Now don’t get any ideas thinking I have a clean house all the time EVER! In fact most times I feel like this:

clean house

But have I noticed in myself that when my house is more organized, the rooms are picked up, and I’m somewhat caught up on housework that my stress levels and my ‘happy mom mood’ is more delightful? Yes! For sure! I wish I could do it all by myself without needing any help (actually no I’m ok needing help) 🙂 but when I get my 3 girls involved with the cleaning I can notice a huge difference even if it’s as simple as unloading the dishwasher or taking out the garbages! Besides that, I think some hard work and responsibility never hurt anybody!

Exactly a year ago, a friend of mine shared with me this quote that really gave me a kick in the butt! They said:

“Lazy moms do everything for their kids!”

I had to think about it for a minute then it hit me! It IS so much harder to take the time to show your kids how to do a job, then monitor to make sure they’re doing it right, then reminding them to finish it, then hearing them complain, (tired yet?!) then, then, then…you just do it yourself! Because then it will take less time and will be done perfectly, right? Well, because I refuse to be a lazy mom with kids who don’t know how to put dishes away or make a bed I decided it was time to get some regular chores going asap!

Ideally I’d love a list of chores to be done each day for a week, but in our house some days don’t allow time for that and sometimes the dishwasher needs emptying and other days I just do it so when I saw a picture of these chore cards on Pinterest I knew they would fit our family well! I can’t take credit for the idea and I would have loved to have downloaded and printed them, but I couldn’t find the website and so I just created my own on photoshop.

This way when they do a job, they can punch a hole and keep track of what they’ve done and then be rewarded when their card is full! When a card is full, each reward might be different! It could be money, get a shake, go to a movie, have a late night, get a pedicure…etc. I don’t let them get a hole punch for making their bed, picking up their room, etc because I consider those things they should do anyway!

Hopefully this will help someone else like they’ve helped us! (and hopefully your kids will beg to do an extra job just to get another punch like mine have) Let’s be honest, any little thing done around the house is so helpful and I’ll take whatever I can get! Plus who doesn’t love a punch card! Especially when it’s all filled up!

Download and then print on standard size (card stock) paper. I like to send mine to print at a copy store for better ink quality.


I also wanted to share this calendar that I love from Fun, Cheap, or Free! The month listed is for April 😉 but I love the concept of tackling one small area at a time! That way it makes it less overwhelming, which is always a good thing for me! Plus there are a few places I forget needs cleaning and organizing as well like your purse, spice drawer, etc.

clean house calendar

More than anything, I hope you have a wonderful, stress free, happy 2015!  

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