15 Apr Kaylee’s Top 5 Design Magazines

I’ve always considered design books to be more like design manuals or a better term may be design textbooks. Books that are always on your shelf ready to read when you need some inspiration. Since the design world is always changing and evolving its sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends and sadly those design books can go quickly out of style.

I love looking at my mother’s design books from years past. Maybe that’s why I love design so much because it’s ever so changing. I find the quickest and easiest way to have that constant monthly inspiration, are design magazines! They offer all the up-to-date and latest trends that are debuted and revealed.

I also love to follow these companies on social media because they have daily updates that I find myself looking forward to. I would love to share with you in no particular order my Top 5 Design Magazine’s with their links…


Domino Magazine


Adore Magazine

Elle Deco December/January 2015



Lonny Magazine


HGTV Magazine

Happy Wednesday! Love-Kaylee

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