01 Jul Kaylee’s quick Summer time home update plans!

I am not sure what it was but when I woke this morning I had this new found energy to do a few updates that I have wanted to do around the house. I think it’s because it’s in the middle of Summer already and my surrounding just needed something fresh! Here are a few plans that I jotted down and hopefully won’t take to much effort or money. Which is the key to “Quick Home Changes.”

The first one on the list (actually isn’t that quick ūüôā is to repaint the walls. I painted my walls Swiss Coffee a few years ago. ( it’s a white shade) We all know a fresh coat of paint is crucial to redoing your space. It gives it the fresh clean slate with no nail holes, dings or little children marks. I am considering the Chantilly Lace Color White. I have used this before in a high gloss for our window seat and I really like the color. It’s a very soft white, perfect to be the back drop and to enhance any color that¬†you put next to it.

(ignore what appears to be a garbage can in the above picture)

chantilly lace

Next, we have my daughter Alliya’s Room. She has an extra tall window wall with white curtains. Most of her walls are white but we painted the window wall a very soft pink so there could be a contrast against the white curtains. She has been wanting me to paint that accent wall the color “Pineapple Delight” a yellow-chartreuse color. I think I will go pick up the paint today. I think it’s a good thing to encourage our children to help make design decisions in their rooms.

STORY: I once was at a decorating store where I couldn’t help over hear a mother and a¬†daughter’s conversation while they shopped for her room. The mother kept saying to her daughter “I will let you choose and style your room¬†any way you would like.” As if it was very kind and noble¬†of her to let her daughter take the lead and take over decisions. But as I watched them shop for a little bit. The mother kept saying “NO” to everything the daughter suggested and in the end they left with their arms full of very well chosen pieces that the mother wanted but they were¬†not the child’s pick.

I’m sharing this only because it made me think “Wow, I totally have done this to my daughter before… I will let her think she is designing her room herself but actually it’s me doing a lot of persuading her into thinking why my way is better. After being nosey (like I am) and seeing that eye opening scenario, I have really tried to let my daughter Alliya feel like she is really making decisions and I’m supporting her. Which lets face it that¬†will go over into other aspects of her life one day while she grows up. So Yellow-chartreuse color on the walls it is! ūüôā (well just on the one wall.)




Next I’m planning on getting a new garden stool or two. I was at Costco a few days ago and they had their garden stools half off. Which made them $19 each. They had Blue, Green, Orange and Cream. I’m headed back over there today.

Look how easy and versatile they are in any space! if you go over to Costco before me, save me one!


I love how one is used here. I have a very similar entry table in our home and one would fit right in.


Below they used two garden stool tables next to armless chairs or a slipper chair. Love the mix of the porcelain in there.

Jennifer Marsico Apt Domino April 2007

One of my last things on the list is a gallery wall that I have been collecting watercolor landscapes of places that I hold dear to my heart. Like the places I have lived or been. I have a few of Germany (where I grew up) some of England (where my mother is from and most of my family is) and a couple pieces of beautiful places in Utah. I love having a gallery wall or art that means things to you or that makes you happy.

Gallery Wall 5

For the finale of my quick Summer home update list is this Royal Blue Velvet ottoman that I have had my eye on for a while. Ottomans get used just as much as our couch over here and I think this gorgeous royal blue will go with any color that we do in our living room. Right now I have creams,whites, golds and touch of blush. Which would look stunner with the Royal Blue!


Now I’m off to the paint shop and it looks like I have a few things to get done today! Love to you all! -Kaylee


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