15 Jun How To: Hanging a Mason Jar Lantern

Of course, this is not a new idea and has been seen everywhere!  But, with summer backyard BBQ season in full swing (as well as wedding season), I thought a tutorial on how to hang mason jars would be helpful!  There are so many fun ways to use these in the gorgeous summer nights outdoors.

I have about 60ish of these mason jars that I have to put wire on to hang for Girl’s Camp (a church camp) next month so I thought I ought to share how I’m doing that since I have a system down with measurements, etc now.

Here’s what you’ll need to start:
IMG_3022 wm

Mason jar – I am using pint jars, but you can use quart jars if you like that larger look (wide mouth is preferable if you’re wanting to stick a candle in there, it gives you more room)
Wire cutters
Wire – I am using 18 gauge Aluminum Wire and it seems to be the perfect amount of sturdy while still being easy to work with.
Ruler or other measuring tool

Start off by measuring two pieces of wire – one will be 13 inches and the other 10 inches in length.  Once you have those you can take your pliers and bend the end of the 13 inch length wire to make a loop at the end as shown below.  Once you have that, wrap the wire around the jar and place your finger at the halfway point.  Then clip off the wire about a half inch or so past your halfway mark, as shown below.

IMG_3029 crop
IMG_3030 crop
IMG_3031 crop

Then take that same wire and, with your pliers again, bend another little loop in the end you just cut.  After that, take the part of the wire that you cut off and make a loop in one end of that, but leave the end open just a little bit (shown below on the far right).

IMG_3032 crop
IMG_3033 crop
IMG_3035 crop

Once you’ve done that, you can hook your two wire pieces (originally both from the 13 inch wire) together, close the one end that is slightly open, and begin to mold it around your jar just beneath the bottom lip where the lid would screw on.

IMG_3036 crop
IMG_3037 crop
IMG_3038 crop

Stick the end through your first loop you made and it should fit through with just enough to spare to make another small loop to close it completely.

IMG_3039 wm

Now you are ready to make the handle.  Take your 10 inch wire and mold it into the handle shape.  Then take one end and bend it out to form a small hook.  Stick that hook through the middle of the two loops on one side of the jar, as shown in the middle photo below.  Then close up the hook on the handle.

IMG_3040 crop
IMG_3041 crop
IMG_3042 crop

Do the same thing on the other side of the handle and you’re finished!  You have a sturdy way to hang your mason jar.

There are a lot of things you can do with the jar at this point.  You can paint the outside with glow in the dark paint to make a “starry night” glowing jar (this is what we are doing for girl’s camp for secret sister mailboxes) or you can fill the bottom with a little bit of sand (to help stabilize the candle) and put a candle inside to light.

IMG_3045 crop
IMG_3024 sm
IMG_3050 wm

You can get the Glow in the Dark paint from Michael’s in stores or online, here.

Good luck and enjoy those summer nights!

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