Homemade Ice Cream

26 Jun Homemade Ice Cream

We just recently got an ice cream maker from my inlaws for Christmas and have been dying to use it! A few months ago, I pulled it out right when the weather started to warm up a bit and gave it a try. Dang it! It was kind a flop because it ended up tasting more like pudding/custard instead of ice cream! So I decided to needed to watch someone who had been making it for a long time to learn their tricks and secrets! 🙂

Devin’s aunt & uncle Alan + Sharee have the same machine we have and has been making ice cream for as long as I’ve known them! They said they have tried lots of different recipes over the years and have decided to stick with this one they love! So lucky for me (+ you) we both get to share this delicious homemade ice cream together!

Here is a picture of the ice cream machine we have! The White Mountain Ice Cream Makers can be a little pricey, but everyone we’ve talked to say they are the best! Our friend’s recently had their motor break on a machine they had for 15 years and they replaced it for free! So they also have great customer service!



The ingredients needed are:
2 Cups Sugar
6 eggs
pinch of salt
3 T vanilla (or 1 T real Mexican vanilla)
1 quart cream
1 large pkg instant pudding
1 Gallon whole milk (I purchased a gallon and used a little more than half)

Using a hand mixer you first need to mix your 2 cups of sugar and 6 eggs. Mix them until they are fluffy and the sugar is dissolved. (weird side note: I generally like to remove the white membrane attached to the eggs. The technical term is the ‘chalaza’. 🙂 I just don’t think it can fully mix together the way it should in ice cream, but that’s just my own thoughts! I’d hate for someone to have something chewy in their mouth! Yuck! TMI) 😉


Next add your pinch of salt, 3 T vanilla (or 1 T of that delicious real Mexican vanilla), 1 quart of cream, and 1 large pkg of instant vanilla pudding. They recommended using the Lemon pudding so we gave that a try and it was delicious! The lemon is very mild and it’s more like a vanilla ice cream with a hint of something you can’t put your finger on. 🙂 They also recently used chocolate pudding that they loved and tonight I am using a vanilla pudding to taste the difference! (**Update: I did use the vanilla pudding that night and I loved it even more than the lemon in my opinion! It just gives you the classic vanilla ice cream taste! 🙂 **) Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong! Use your hand mixer to combine all the ingredients together.



It is recommended that you cover this mixture and let it chill in your fridge for at least 1 hour.

Now you’re ready to let the churning begin!! Pour your mixture into your ice cream container and pour your whole milk to the fill line on your container. Ours happened to not have a fill line so we filled it 1/4-1/2 inch below the top knob. It ended up being just about 1/2 gallon of whole milk.


Time to put the lid on and get your machine in it’s place. You can plug in the machine and let it start to spin, then start to add your ice and salt. You’ll need a bag or 2 of ice and a couple cups of rock salt for this next part. Start by putting approximately 4-6 cups ice, followed by a layer of rock salt which measured out to be about about 1 C. You’ll continue that pattern with about 3-4 layers of both ice and rock salt, ending with ice on top!



Occasionally use the end of a wooden spoon to push the ice down the sides and add more ice/salt when it starts to go down a little. You’re wanting to keep all of the sides covered with ice and salt to help it freeze. You will also start to see water coming out of the sides of the wooden bucket that will show you that it’s doing it’s job! Your machine will run for about 30-40 minutes until the motor either stops or starts to sound like it’s working too hard. Then you’ll know it’s done! Before you take off your lid, make sure to wipe down the top of it to make sure none of the salt gets into the ice cream.


Look at that! A full container of homemade ice cream!! Isn’t that amazing! Is your mouth watering yet? If you’re not ready to eat it right away, you can put saran wrap over the ice cream with the lid on top and keep it in the bucket for about an hour or so. If it’s any longer, empty the ice cream into a tupperware container and put it in the freezer!

I made this ice cream the other night around 9 pm, so we hurried and text a couple of our next door neighbors and had an impromptu late night ice cream party! 🙂 Tonight I’m meeting up with a few of my neighbor friends and serving homemade ice cream with brownies and caramel! Meghan and Kaylee will be there too! I’ll let you know what they think! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and the last few days of June!!

  • Sandy walker
    Posted at 20:07h, 01 July Reply

    I tried this and it is si creamy and delicous!!!!cant wait to make it…..

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