23 Mar Home Office/Craft Room Re-do

I’ve been wanting to re-do this room in my house for a while now.  But, I really started seriously thinking about it a couple of months ago.  I spend so much time in this room everyday now with working part-time for a side business of my husband’s and my etsy shop (Meghan’s View) that I needed a space that didn’t stress me out with all the clutter and was inspiring to me.  So I started to brainstorm and jotted down on paper some ideas of color schemes, decor, organization ideas, etc for the space.  After I did that, I knew I could go no further until I actually cleaned out the space and cleared away the junk that I don’t use, etc.  So I started in on that task because it was the biggest one.

Here are a couple of before shots of the room.

From this first picture, you can’t really see, but we couldn’t open the other french door because of what was behind it.  So, most of the time we kept both doors closed – and that was better anyway to hide the mess inside.



That white tall storage container in the above left photo was keeping the other french door from opening.

This isn’t even the worst of it… I had already moved out a bunch of cake stands from when I did my sister’s wedding, a paper rack full of scrapbook paper (yes I was a scrapbooker long ago), piles of fabric, wrapping paper, etc out of the room before I decided I needed to take some before pictures.

Luckily for me the bare bones of the space were great.  The desk and craft table in the center were still in great condition and I still really liked them enough to keep them the same.

After I organized the room and either threw away or donated what I wasn’t using, I had a blank canvas to work with.  I had this great idea that I was going to do a wooden plank wall on one side like I did in my husband’s office… but kind of chickened out.  I still might do that in the future and if I do, I’ll share it.

My direction for the entire space was to make it feel like MY room as Meghan, not as a mom, a wife, etc.  I wanted it to speak to who I am as an individual.  I think I accomplished that.


I obviously chose to do mostly black and white.  I figured with that color scheme, I wouldn’t have to paint (which also scares me a little) and it would work with the color of my walls already.  I decided to do this rug from Ikea as the main focal point for pattern/texture in the room.


I got this white metal storage container for my wrapping paper from Ikea as well.  I brought in this oval mirror that I used in my last baby’s nursery, but he doesn’t use it in his room now so we were just storing it.


I used all my own photos that I took and prints that I made for my space.  I wanted this room to say something about me when you walked in it.  Also, these are the same frames as were in this space before, I just spray painted them black.  They turned out perfectly!  (I’m sure you recognize a black and white version of Jen, Kaylee, and I jumping on the beach in Kauai last year.)


I got this pillow that matched the rug for my chair from Ikea also.  That little bonsai tree was also from Ikea and was a perfect way to bring life and greenery into the space.  It’s not listed on the website, but they usually have really cute succulents or cacti sold there as well.


I wanted to do a gallery wall, so I found quotes and made prints that I loved.  I also included photos I had taken over the years old places that hold a piece of my heart:

Chicago skyline- where Steve is from and our first trip together when dating
Oahu, Hawaii- where I went to college for a year
Waterton,Canada – where Steve and I decided almost 13 years ago to not only start dating again, but to get married.

I had all of these frames already.  We weren’t using them and they were just being stored under our guest bed.  I had forgotten about them, so when I found them I was thrilled!  Only the two with the 5×7 photos in them were brown, the rest were black.  So I spray painted those and had my frames to do a  gallery wall.


You can see all the photos and prints a little better here.  I had to include something about my diet coke and photography.  Both of which I love. 😉  I also got a wooden M from Hobby Lobby for my first initial and painted it a metallic gold to add to that small space in the middle.


I needed a few things to help organize my stuff, so Ikea came through once again with really inexpensive things to use.
These white standing files were great for sewing patterns, baby books, etc that I needed to store.  Can you really beat the $1.50 price for all 5??


These black boxes were also a great Ikea find and can store all sorts of craft items.  I already had the white one.


The curtains, rod, and gold finials were from Ikea and supposed to go in our master bedroom at one time, but the curtains weren’t quite long enough.  They worked great here though.


Just some more storage, but so much cleaner with my addition of the black containers from Ikea.


I find I’m so much more productive in this space now.  I can leave the french doors wide open and it makes our foyer of our home feel so much bigger since the front door is right there.

I’ll share how I planned and hung my gallery wall in a future post.  It made Steve’s life SO much easier and was less stressful!


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