30 Mar Hanging a Gallery Wall: Tips

In my last post about my Office/Craft Room Re-Do, I had a gallery wall. I just wanted to share how I did it and how stress-free it was because I knew exactly where I was hanging what when it was time to put those nail holes in the wall!

First, I laid all my frames out on the floor of my living room. I arranged and re-arranged them many times before I had a layout that I liked. Here’s how it looked:

Once I was sure on the layout, I took some old wrapping paper and cut out pieces that matched my frames exactly. Then I laid the wrapping paper on the back of each corresponding frame.

I pushed and creased the wrapping paper about where I was wanting to put a nail to hang it.

Then I put a little dot with a sharpie so it was clearly marked for when we got to the step of putting the nails in.

Once I did that to each frame, I taped the wrapping paper on the wall where I wanted each frame to go. I got the spacing just right by putting them up, then moving them around a bit before I was happy with the final look.

Then, when Steve came home, I had him level each one (I couldn’t find his leveler) and then he just put the nails in right over the wrapping paper. Once the nail was in, we took off the wrapping paper and hung the actual frame. It was SO easy!

I really loved this method of hanging because I knew that the nail holes were going in the right places and I wasn’t setting myself up to having to fix a wall because we were off. My husband thanked me for doing these extra steps first too. The hanging process was a quick one!

Here’s the final look, once again, in case you missed my post last week. I added the “M” afterwards because I had a small space I wanted to fill with something other than a frame:

Hope this tip can make hanging frames stress-free for you too! 🙂


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