22 May Garden Around the Yard

Every year this time of year, we plant our garden! The kids look forward to picking out our plants at our local greenhouse and planting them together! The best part is then watching the plants grow and produce fruits and vegetables! I love the process! What once starts out as a tiny plant, soon grows into a huge bush with loads of peppers and tomatoes! Unlike most gardens that are planted in a specific square area or garden box, we just plant our plants around our yard and house! We’ve been doing this now for about 6 or 7 years and have found lots of success doing it this way! We always plant everything we need to make our favorite salsa! This year we planted 19 tomato plants, 6 jalepeno peppers, 6 green bell peppers, dozens of onions, as well as a few herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro)! I also added 4 more strawberry plants to my mini strawberry patch! We’ve decided to plant more trees, bushes, and flowers in the front yard and keep the backyard more simple in a few different areas and use those areas to plant our garden. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean!

{Here’s where we plant our jalepeno and bell peppers! You can also see a couple tomato plants!}


{Here’s where we plant our onions}


{This is the East side of our house where we plant a lot of our tomato plants!}


Before we plant our garden, we weed the areas and break up the dirt with either a plow or a metal rake. That will help make planting a lot easier! We then lay out of plants and decide where we’d like to plant them so that they are spaced out properly. Over the years you will begin to see how you like to do it and make changes based on how well each plant grows. I’d suggest writing down which plants you bought and where you planted them so as they grow, you can take note on how well they did! Then if it didn’t grow very well you can move the plant to a different place next year!

A few of our favorite tomato plants have been: celebrity, big beef, better boy, and champion. One trick that was passed on to us was to break off the bottom leaves of your tomato plant. That way you’ll get your plant to grow taller, get bigger tomatoes, and prevent the tomatoes from laying in the dirt which can cause the bottom to rot. Last year we tied each of our plants to a long piece of rebar which also helped it stand taller and made them easier to pick! Each time the plant grew a little taller, we’d use a piece of string to tie another piece of the plant to the rebar. We also use tomato cages!

We stick to the basic jalepeno pepper, green bell pepper, and yellow onion.

I know that there are a lot of different ways and opinions about watering your garden. For us, we generally like to water every other day UNLESS it is the middle of July and it’s super hot, then we generally water every day. By watching your plants you’ll be able to tell if they look too dried out or not. We also like to spray our plants with MiracleGro a couple times throughout the summer. It seems to help nourish the plants!


Here’s where I planted my little strawberry patch!


I keep my herbs in a pot right by my sliding glass door! That way I can water it easily and pick some herbs while cooking!


Here are a few pictures of the plants once they’ve grown and the fruit is ready to pick!

IMG_0678 IMG_0677

So I say, plant a garden!! Find somewhere in your yard where you can stick a few plants! Then add to it each year!!
The best part of gardening is getting to pick all the delicious fruits and vegetables and enjoy them with your family! A BLT is even better with a fresh tomato out of your garden! 😉



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