26 Dec Fun Things to Do over Winter Break

So you know the words “…and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again…” in the song It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas?? Those words can ring so true sometimes especially over a long winter break!! Even a classic Christmas song sings about it! 🙂 So only a few days into winter break and I have to admit…a piece of me is panicking just a bit! I have a hard time deciding whether to have lazy days and stay in pajamas all day OR go to all the fun places we never have time to go to after school or on weekends! I guess for us, it’s a little bit of both and usually doing the “fun stuff” takes a little planning!

I have this cousin Jessie who is always doing something fun all the time with her nieces and nephews and family! Like literally every day they are doing something new! Whenever I see her Instagram pictures I always think “I should remember to go there” or “I should do that”! Somehow she stays up to date with all the local things that are going on in the community and manages to participate in them all! (and take 3-5 kids along for the ride!) I have asked her to put together a list of fun places and things to do this winter break and I also put together a list of fun things to keep me us all sane throughout the winter break! 🙂 Thanks for all your suggestions Jessie!

Jessie’s List:

1. Do it yourself Superhero capes from an old t-shirt
2. Silly String Fights
3. Zoo lights at Hogle Zoo (Adults 7.00 Kids 4.00 December 31st will be the last night)
4. This is the place- Candlelight Christmas (Adults 11.00 Kids 8.00 Closes December 27 So go here this weekend)
5. Elf Scavenger Hunt at Gardner Village. (Print online Complete survey and get a free Salt water taffy.)
6. Make a Simple Music video. Use costumes, makeup and props. Use IMovie to edit and share with friends.
7. If it snows: Make a snowman If it doesn’t snow: Make a snowman out of old milk jugs. Here’s an idea. Or make a snowman on your fridge. Here’s an idea.
8. Build a Disney frozen snow fort (inside). Make a regular blanket fort but cut out 10 or so snowflakes out of paper. Use fish line to attach each snowflake around fort. Once the snowflakes are up, turn on “Let it go” and it will feel like you are in the movie frozen.
9. See the light at Temple Square. (December 31st will be the last night)
10. Visit the local Trampoline Park.
11. Spend the Day Skiing or snowboarding at the local Ski resort.
12.Winter “Simon Says” Play Simon Says but change “Simon Says” to “The snowman says” or” the polar bear says.”
13. If it snows, Have a snowball fights, if now have an indoor snowball fight with crumbled up white paper or marshmallows.
14. Go Ice skating at your local rink. Or ice-skate from your own tile floor. Collect plastic grocery bag, tie one on each foot and skate away.
15. Plan a winter magazine scavenger hunt. Use Winter items such as gloves, scarves, ear muff, snowman Christmas tree, holiday food, etc.
16. Plan a visit to the local Aquarium (Adult: 15.95 Teen: 12.95 Child: 10.95 2 and under free)
The Living Planet Aquarium

Here are a few extra things I thought about doing this winter break:

1. Go to classic skating! (located in Layton, Riverdale, Sandy, and Orem) This would definetly help get out some energy and the younger kids can even ride scooters! Check out this groupon for a good deal at the Layton, Riverdale, and Sandy locations!
2. Attend a sporting event! We love to go to BYU Basketball games as a family! I love the food, atmosphere, and love watching the game! Even my 3 girls all love watching basketball games! There are 2 great games that will be during the break! Saturday the 27th at 4 pm vs. Gonzaga and Monday the 29th at 7 pm vs. Portland! Click here for tickets or a lot of times you can just buy tickets outside the door for cheap!
3. Have them participate in a service project! Especially after opening gifts on Christmas, I like to give my kids different opportunities to do service for other people! I recently read a story about a boy doing a hot chocolate stand where people paid with cans of food that were then donated to his local food bank. I thought that was such a great idea! I’m hoping to do something like this with my kids this winter! You can read the full inspirational story in this magazine!
4. Sledding!! I wasn’t sure we were ever going to get snow, but today I woke up to a winter wonderland!! This website tells you a lot of good tubing places in Utah! I’m hoping to make it to Solider Hollow one of these years!!!

I hope this list gives you a few ideas for you and your family so you can enjoy instead of survive this winter break!!

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