24 Apr DIY High Waisted Swim Bottoms

Most of the pools around here open up in a few weeks so it will be time to pull out those lovely swimming suits and rock your bikini body! (shriek!) Unless you’ve already pulled out yours and you’ve been somewhere fun! In that case, that probably means you’re tan and not paste-y white like I am! (double shriek!) Each year when I pull out my swimming suits I try to take note of which suits are too stretched out, too old, or worn….or too tight! My sister recently told me about someone who cut an old one-piece and made her own high waisted swim bottoms. I’ve been wanting to try out the high waisted bottoms and thought instead of spending a lot on one, I’d make my own and see how comfortable I felt in them! Here is the suit that I hadn’t worn in years!


The thing I liked a lot about this particular suit is it had a few layers to it and it was bunched so I knew it could cover any imperfections in the sewing and stomach area and it totally worked! 🙂 First, put on your suit and measure how high you want the bottoms with a pen. I folded the swimming suit over and made a mark with pen in the inside just incase I changed my mind. Then I laid the suit on my table, used a ruler and drew across the whole suit.


Time to cut! Always cut more fabric than you think! You can always trim it down and you’d hate to not have enough fabric incase there is a mistake! (I’ve learned this from experience!) Once you’ve cut the fabric you are now ready to sew. My swimming suit had two layers. The fitted part, and the ruched part. So I did it in 2 steps. I first tried on the fitted part and officially decided where I wanted it to sit, folded it over 1/2 inch, and sewed using coordinating thread that matched the suit and a wide zig zag stitch to give it stretch. Try not to tug too much on the material while you are sewing so it doesn’t stretch it out too bad. As you can see, I had to do a little tugging, but once it’s on, it does stretch and you can adjust it! (don’t be scared by the granny panty look) 🙂


Then I tried it on again (lots of trying on), put the top ruched layer on top and pinned how I wanted that to fit too. I then attached that piece by stitching a zig zag stitch along the top. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a high waisted bottom! It’s worth a try, especially if you’re planning on getting rid of an older suit, it might just end up feeling new again!

I went back and forth with a few different tops, but finally decided on this one from Old Navy. Now I just need to get a little courage to wear it the whole suit! Wearing something outside of what you normally wear is always a little scary! I wish I could try it out at a beach where anything goes instead of my local rec center pool. 😐 What are your thoughts about high waisted bottoms? Have you found a specific one that is your favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Jen

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