17 Apr Canvas TeePee

This last Christmas I made a teepee for my 2 year old Stella! I looked into buying one, but didn’t realize how expensive they are!! I had been thinking about making one and pinned lots of different ideas on Pinterest, but was really nervous to do it! I just figured it would be really complicated and way too time consuming! Well, I was totally wrong! It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! (thank goodness too because I am a procrastinator at heart and only had a few days to do it!) I found this blog Pink Toes and Power Tools and they had a great tutorial. I followed her instructions exactly, but just altered a few things when it came to the look. Here are a few of my pointers and tips! I wanted the teepee to be neutral and sturdy so I decided to make it out of canvas! At Home Depot I purchased all the supplies! Here is a picture of my cart that also shows the large canvas drop cloth I used.


Here’s the even cooler part, YOU CAN MAKE 2 TEEPPES OUT OF THIS ONE DROP CLOTH! In this case, make sure you lay your templates close together so you get the most out of your fabric! And an even cooler part is it was about $50 for all the supplies. Which also includes the fabric to make a second one!! So just like Nike says, “Just Do It!”

First you need to make your templates which is mentioned in the blog above. I made my template out of Christmas wrapping paper and have it rolled up for future teepee making! So come borrow mine if you live close and you can skip this part! 🙂 I pulled out a ruler and measuring tape and drew my own templates using the measurements she gave in her instructions. At one point, I had to tape another piece of wrapping paper to make it bigger, but you only have to make 4 templates so it’s not too bad!

Next, I laid the drop cloth out on my wood floor! As you can imagine, it’s huge so give yourself lots of room! Because it was folded up nice and tight, it has LOTS of wrinkles which makes it hard to trace so although this step was totally annoying…I ironed it! Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad and I just went over it quick to get out the big folds. Then once it’s laid out, I positioned my templates. Some templates you need to trace more than once so take note of that, and also the large template needs to be traced next to a fold so make sure you position that one just right! As you can see, I used cans to hold my template in place while I traced. (we’re fancy like that!) 😉


Cut out all your templates and you’ll be ready to sew!!


(follow the instructions in the blog above for the sewing part too!) This is the fun part because right away you start to see how it comes together! Canvas can fray easily so when you hem, make sure to fold it over twice to prevent it from fraying over time. I just used white thread and a straight stitch! Canvas is easy to sew and fast.


After it’s all done you can decide whether to leave it plain or embellish it! I haven’t quite decided how I’d like it to look other than I did sew some red pom poms along the door opening. I have heard of people painting Indian artwork on theirs for their grandsons or adding lace, fabric, and all the frills for their granddaughters.

When it comes to the pvc poles, Home Depot will cut them for free as long as you bring the measurements with you! I also spray painted our poles and end caps gold! You’ll then drill your holes at the top, put the poles through the teepee, string something thick to tie it together and just like that, it’s ready to play in! My heart just melts seeing Presley read her favorite book in it! 🙂


Really, if you spend 1 day making your templates, 1 day cutting out your fabric, and 1 day sewing it, you’ll be finished in no time! (when I say 1 day, I mean 2-3 hours, not the whole day!) 😉 I think this tent is so fun inside on a rainy day or outside for a special hiding spot! I know all 3 of my girls have had fun playing with it and we look forward to having more fun with it this summer! Happy TeePee making!!

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