11 May Baptism Brunch and Decor

My daughter was just baptized a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share how we celebrated her special day! This is one of those days where I wish I could have cloned myself several times over for many reasons, but – mostly so I could get more photos of the day. It’s hard being the only one that knows how to work the camera sometimes! So, here is just a couple of things I did that I managed to get a picture of:

I displayed a couple of photos, a subway print of details of that day, and some fun take home “Eight” donuts on a stick (powdered donuts are one of her favorite treats) for the kids that came.
IMG_2664 wm

This subway print is available in my Etsy Shop and can be customized to any color scheme you want.
IMG_2663 wm

Displaying these “Eights” on a stick in a vase was a perfect way to do it – function and they looked really cute.
IMG_2666 wm

The flowers were hot pink hydrangea and this other little flower that looked like a mini hydrangea in white. I don’t know what they are called (if I figure it out, I’ll update this) because I got them on this huge bush at a park after Kaylee told me about them! They are really pretty and worked well with the hydrangea. In order to cut down on cost (aside from cutting the other flowers from the park), I got my pink hydrangea as a bush from Costco. I’m planning to plant the bushes with the heads that I didn’t use in my yard so I can enjoy these every year. Kind of a two for one deal! 🙂
IMG_2670 wm

We had so much food there, but sadly, I didn’t get any photos of that setup except for these cupcakes I made.
IMG_2669 wm
I ordered some tablecloths from Amazon and they are great and really inexpensive… it will be nice to have them for future dinners/parties so I don’t have to borrow from people anymore. And just to add – these wash up great. I had red jello spilled on mine from the baptism and I didn’t even have to soak them, it came right out – no bleach required!

I did want to include the baptism I did for my niece and my son almost 2 years ago so you can see how to do masculine vs. feminine decor and because I must have been way more on top of it then because I have a lot more photos to share!

Here’s a wooden board that Kaylee let me borrow to write on. This sat at the top of my stairs, kind of directing the guests downstairs where we were having the luncheon. Chalk will write on any dark wood and wipe off so easily – just a fun tip!
IMG_4680edit FG wm

Need a masculine garland? This paper airplane garland is really cute and super easy to make with just twine and white paper (or any color would be cute) folded into airplanes at whatever size you want! I just hot glued the paper airplanes to the twine down the middle. So easy!
IMG_4689edit wm

I had some feminine garland as well and made this one by cutting some old linen fabric I had from some curtains I no longer needed and tying them into bows which I then high glued to the twine. I have used this garland so many times since and used it again for Scarlett’s baptism this year. It’s just a great neutral that can be added to any themed party.
IMG_4708edit FG wm

Kaylee whipped these up for me to hang over the buffet. They are just made out of sheets of crepe paper (like this) and folded accordion style, opened into a circle and hot glued in the center. Cheap, easy, and really cute.
IMG_4707edit FG wm

By the fireplace, I put two large silhouettes of the kids. I already had my sons and just created one out of a photo my sister sent me of my niece. If you’re interested in how to make silhouettes of your kids, let me know… I can do a tutorial.
IMG_4697edit FG wm
Can you believe how cute the “C” “T” and “R” are?? Kaylee whipped those up with a little boxwood clipping and some floral wire. She’s pretty much amazing as I’m sure you know from her Wreath Video!

The flowers were gorgeous… just the right amount of feminine and masculine. Kaylee whipped up these arrangements for me. What a gem she is!
IMG_4703edit FG wm

That huge cabbage looking flower made these arrangements totally fit for a boy too. Succulents would be another good way to decorate more masculine-like.
IMG_4695edit FG wm

IMG_4692edit wm

IMG_4711edit FG wm

Lots of yummy food… to make this as easy as possible – get help! Assign out things for people to bring. That makes it so much easier on you the evening before and day of. I didn’t do that part so well for my daughter’s and it was a little crazy trying to do almost all of it!
IMG_4665edit FG wm

This CTR print was perfect for the occasion.
IMG_4669edit FG wm

Luncheon in action! (with a video to be played on the TV in the background… of course!)
IMG_4672edit FG wm

I hope this helped with some ideas for your next Baptism or party to throw! I have two more boys that I’ll have to do this for so I’m going to be watching for all the masculine ideas I can find! Have any to share? Comment! 🙂


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