Author: Jen Bird

21 Nov Homemade Stuffing

The turkey definitely steals the show at the Thanksgiving dinner, but there are a few key essential sides that make the meal complete! I mean the creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, the fluffy rolls (and SERIOUSLY the rolls Meghan posted here are hands down the...

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17 Oct Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just 2 weeks away from TODAY!! How are we literally 1/2 way through October? We might as well start cooking our turkey and send out our Christmas cards because holy smokes time is flying by! ;) For the last couple years, the girls have...

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10 Oct Caramel Apples

Every season has it's own traditions and there's certain things I have to do or make before the season passes. Whether it's making chocolates in December, peanut butter eggs around Easter, or everything pumpkin flavored in the fall, I can't let those seasons pass without...

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