11 Mar A Simple Lime Vinegar Cleaner


The Spring cleaning bug is starting over here. I just made my to-do list of all the projects that are needing done around the house and then some. My sister Stacey and my mother shared with me this simple citrus cleaner that is perfect for this time of year. I used it to clean everything yesterday and it smells so good and its natural. Natural smells are so much better for your home and for you then compared to all the chemicals. I rather fill the air with fresh lime smell then over powering chemical smell. I’m sure you would agree! Plus it makes cleaning a little more fun. Which I’m all about making the mundane daily things a little more fun. So here is the instructions:

What you need:

– Cleaning Squirt bottle
– Vinegar
– Citrus Fruit~ Lime, Lemon or Orange
– Bowl
– Water

Place the vinegar in a bowl, cut the limes in half and squeeze the juice into the vinegar and place the limes and peels themselves in the vinegar as well… Have it sit out over night (Or in my case I was in a hurry and had it sit for just a bit, I thought since I squeezed out all the juice it would be fine) but official instructions say overnight is the key!

Then drain the vinegar (get rid of the pulp) into the squirt bottle half way and the other half add water.

Then clean to your hearts content!

As we all know vinegar is a natural cleaner, but the one thing I don’t like about using it is… it would obviously, well… smell like vinegar! This way the citrus makes it smell so much prettier. I used this cleaner on everything! Its not a disinfecting spray but its great for all the base boards and wall scrubbing that is on the list and you can even get the kids involved.

Good Luck with that Spring Cleaning, Yay Spring is almost here! -Kaylee

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