13 May 5 Easy Steps To Plant Flower Baskets

First off I don’t claim to be an expert gardener. The fact is I love flowers and pretty things in pots but as soon as I see a snail or something like that I’m done! I just wanted to say it and get that out right away. So the things and steps that I’m sharing today are not exactly professional steps but steps that I have been using for a few years now with my flower baskets and I feel like they work really well. Plus snails don’t really live in flower baskets, that is probably why I love doing them so much.

A few of you know that I grew up in Germany. Nothing reminds me more of Germany in the summer then large flower baskets hanging from every window on the prettiest buildings you’ve ever seen. So maybe that is why I love flower boxes because of the memories that are related to them. I use wrought iron hanging baskets on my balcony. I found mine at Home Decorators last year but it looks like they have since sold out. You can find many different styles of window baskets at your hardware store or garden center.

You will need:

Flower Baskets
Coconut basket liners
Plastic bags
A few diapers (I’ll tell you why)
Of course flowers of your choice

Step 1: Place your liner in your basket… this year I had a little drama with my baskets. I threw away my liners last year. So I had to locate and find new  ones. Which is easy, they’re everywhere! I purchased some without measuring my baskets first. Well my liners were to small and I left them outside during a rain storm so they got wet and I couldn’t exchange them for larger sizes. So I had to come up with a plan B and honestly I love the Plan B so much better!!


I purchased a roll of green moss at my craft store. I cut three (I have three baskets) long strips about 2 1/2 feet x 7 inches. I tucked this in between my liner and basket, it made my coconut liners taller ( they were to short) and it was perfect! I even love the fresh green look of the moss compared to the blah coconut liners. What do you think!?



Step 2: Arrange all the moss and prep the baskets for the soil


This is the sneaky part. I live in Utah and my baskets our on our deck which gets hit with the  hot sun daily. The baskets would dry up so fast in the heat if I don’t prep these baskets well. The way I do that is clear basket bags. I use the 13 gallon size but as long as the bag is big enough it will do. I lay the bag in my basket and make sure that it fits and tuck it in the moss and basket to hold it in place as I plant the flowers.


Step 3: I put some soil on the bottom of the baskets so the flower roots will have a place to expand and it will give the flowers the height they need for when I’m about to plant. You don’t want the flowers to be planted to far down in the basket. You want them just to rest at the top of the basket so the flowers won’t hide in anyway.


Here is where the diaper comes in… my mother shared with me this trick with using baby diapers. You pour water in the diaper and have it absorb as much as possible. Then you empty out all the white gel from the center of the diaper and then mix it in the soil. The gel from the diaper will hold the moisture and water in the soil longer. This is an excellent tip for baskets that are at high risk for drying out easily. This is my first year trying it and I am excited to see for myself if it works well. It kind of looks like snow.


Step 4: The Flower Part! Ok! I have for years picked out flowers that were different and maybe more elegant or unique flowers. The thing I learned the hard way is there are not many flowers that will hold up to our extreme heat here in Utah. So I have learned to stick to the tried and true flowers that work beautifully everytime. There was actually a few years ago that I swore I would never plant Petunias because “everyone and their mother” plants them, I quickly realized that they are one of the best and easy growing flowers that will survive most anywhere. My baskets this year are a mix of Petunias, Petunia Wave ( the variety of petunias that spread and grow fast) and some geraniums because they are also great for extreme hot and sunny weather.


Next I take my flowers and pack them and place them where I want them to be planted.Tthe more flowers you plant the more fuller the window basket will look and grow into. I really love and actually must have Petunia Wave! I don’t think many people know about these and probably think they are the same as a regualer Petunia. Which they are not. Wave Petunias spread and grow fast which is exactly what you need for flower baskets. This time I used a variety of colors, Pinks, Purples, Whites and Corals.


Step 5: I fill in and around the flowers that I put into place with loose soil and press each flower tightly in place. I make sure there is enough soil and that the flowers are all standing straight. After you fill in the gaps with soil make sure you give them a great water because the soil needs to settle and the flowers will start to grow together.


These flowers will hardly dry out in the sun with daily watering and they will grow so rapidly and will be a fluffy poof of flowers… exactly what we want!


Thanks for reading, like I said I’m not a pro gardener and don’t claim to be, this is just the way I plant my hanging flower baskets. Please share with us if you have some tips that work well for you! -Kaylee xoxox

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