08 Jun 30 Day Summer Water Challenge

I’m starting this challenge today and thought I’d share it with you all!  Anyone that knows me knows that I love Diet Coke and I  know I don’t get enough water in my day because of this.  So, I’m taking the challenge to get in a gallon of water a day.  I know… that’s a lot!  But it is summer, so I figure it’s an easier time of year to get this much water into your body!

If I get in all my water for the day then I’ll allow myself a diet coke, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be tired of liquids at that point and opt not to.  Maybe not… but we’ll see how it goes!  The whole point is for me to lessen my intake of other beverages while hopefully improving my skin and overall health that drinking a lot of water like that gives you.

I have a mug from the hospital (from having babies) that holds 32 oz. so my goal is to get through 4 of those in a day and that’s how I’ll keep track of it.

The challenge starts today and ends on July 8th!  I’d love to hear your experience if you try it and I’ll share how I feel at the end too.

Good luck and drink that water!


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