What We Love


    Jen loves to make treats and she's great at it. Lucky for our families, she shares!


    Meghan is a self-taught photographer. She loves capturing those memories.


    Kaylee has an eye for design and loves it. She just has a knack for making things pretty.


    The three of us have been friends for many years.  In that time we’ve grown our families and raised our kids while leaning on each other like friends do.  We have supported each other in all our ventures over the years, but we all three felt a change as we approached and turned 30.  We wanted to do something that we loved as individuals… not as mothers or wives but as Jen, Kaylee, and Meghan.  That is when It’s Three Thirty was born.  All three of us have our own strengths, but together we felt we could reach women better and maybe have a place to share the things we’ve all learned so as to make the journey just a little easier for others.


    Every day, three thirty seems to be the “witching hour”, as we like to call it.  If you have children, you know what we mean.  It’s that time of day when you lack a little bit of energy, the kids are coming home from school and the marathon of running them around to their various activities begins, you have a couple short hours to figure out dinner and get the house looking a little more put together before your husband arrives home from work.  We hope that we can brighten that “witching hour” for you.  Rather than hide in your bathroom with some chocolate while your kids run amuck, instead you can think… “Oh!  It’s three thirty!” and spend a few sanity moments with us.

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